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The following are examples of the work we do. There are a number of sites here and a variety of templates to give more ideas of what is possible.

Here's a list of Responsive Codeigniter Themes that we support.

Please look around and let us know how we can help.

Please review and ask questions. We support all theme styles in HTML/CSS5 with implementation in Wordpress and Codeigniter CMS.

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"there are many good products that just sit on the shelf"


Get professional web hosting and support with a complete e-commerce website and Paypal integration. We will provide a popular website Theme, site hosting, Paypal integration, Shopping Cart and training to manage inventory for your site.

Professional web hosting includes SEO Optimization. The SEO is an essential component to success. "there are many good products that just sit on the shelf" can't get it on to the market because a successful product requires good marketing to penetrate the market.."

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Please do ask questions. We can accommodate any requirement and budget.

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but can't get it on to the market...


We have a unique marketing and advertising engine that is able to adapt to the new streaming media formats.

We provide complete website design, ad creation and marketing campaign support.







The Team

LeRoy Grubbs

Production Manager and Web Designer

LeRoy Grubbs has made a career in information technology. He joined the Navy at 18, trained as an electronic engineer and went around the world a couple of times on a big grey boat.

LeRoy continues to work as a technical project manager, is the creator of the interactive ad stream server, interactive TV channel concepts on smart TVs, Roku and more.

His hobbies include cycling, pottery, ceramic sculpture, hiking and camping.

Praveen Raj

Web Technology Expert

Do you have a question about technology?

Please do call!

2013 Kansas City Consultant of the year!

because a successful product requires good SEO to penetrate the market.."


Please Send us a message or ask questions. We would love to help you.

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