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Tips for Creating and Negotiating Successful Business Contracts

As a business owner, you’ll need to deal with contracts on a regular basis. You’ll sign contracts with new clients, vendors, manufacturers, employees, contractors, business partners, and more. Every time you enter into a new business relationship, you should think about signing a contract. Contracts govern the relationship between you and everyone you do business with, ensuring that terms are met and both parties uphold their part of the agreement. Here are some tips from Secure System Services to help beginners create strong business contracts.

Include Important Provisions

While you can find many contract templates online, make sure your contract contains the specific provisions that you require of the relationship. Provisions are any conditions or requirements in your contract. Porzio Bromberg & Newman explains that some common examples of provisions include a limitation of liability, payment terms, automatic renewals, and a description of how disputes will be resolved. Be sure to spell out the rights and obligations of each party in your contract, including details about how and when parties can terminate contracts.

Include in your contract a clause requiring clients to pay you a certain amount within a certain timeframe. This will help reduce late payments or, worse, nonpayment. Creating professional invoices will also go a long way toward protecting your cash flow. You can find many invoice generator services online that allow you to choose premade invoices and customize them with your own information. You might want to use an invoice maker that allows you to download it in your preferred format, as well.

Use Data to Guide Your Negotiations

At some point, the contract creation process will turn into negotiations with the other party. This is your opportunity to ensure everyone is happy with the result. When negotiating, don’t neglect the basics, such as working collaboratively and doing your best to personalize matters to get on the same page. Knowing exactly what you want and staying focused on the real issues at hand is important, too. 

To ensure your negotiations make sense for your business, take a look at your financial data. Using accounting software will help you understand your financial health and what changes need to occur so you can maintain consistent cash flow. You can find great cloud accounting tools for your business by searching online!

Avoid Common Contract Mistakes

To ensure your contracts are legally binding and enforceable, be careful to avoid mistakes. Make sure you have all the information you need before writing the contract. Talk to the other party so you know what information they want to be included in the contract. This will make your negotiations easier later on. Try to be very specific when including clauses and provisions in the contract. It’s also important that every party understands the contract properly, so avoid long-winded sentences packed with legal jargon and instead opt for straightforward writing and short, clear sentences.

Use Tools to Streamline Contract Creation

Thankfully, many online tools exist to help business owners like you draft, edit, and modify contracts. For example, DocuSign suggests digitizing your content creation for seamless contract formatting so you don’t have to waste time creating the same contracts over and over again. One of the best things about using a digital contract-creating system is the ability for multiple people to work on the document in one centralized location, ensuring no information gets lost in endless email threads.

You can also find contact management tools that enable you to store contracts digitally in the cloud for easy access and referral from anywhere in the world. An online document repository will ensure the protection and safety of your important contracts, increase productivity, and provide centralized control over all of your contracts.

Creating and negotiating business contracts comes with the job of being an entrepreneur. Don’t overlook the importance of strong, enforceable contracts when it comes to protecting both you and your customers. Get comfortable with the legal side of business ownership and you’ll create a strong foundation for growth!

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