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Top 5 Technologies you must learn in 2020

Technology is changing day by day. So acquire knowledge or technology is an important part of every programmer or techie. The world is changing according to the technology. So we can say that technology drives our world. Here are 5 important life changing technologies that you must learn in 2020. #1 Angular or React or vue js Programming languages for web applications are changed year by year. Now a days the leading technologies are angular, react, etc. They are easy…

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Free SEO site checkup tools

Search Engine Optimization is one of the crucial part of a website’s popularity. SEO determines the position and ranking of a website in a search engine listing. For proper optimization of a website, we need to know the problems in that website and resolve them to meet the specific requirements for effective ranking of that website. Here are some free seo site checkup tools that helps you to find problems in your website and tells the remedies for that problems.…

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keep your web business alive during the covid-19 pandemic

Ways to keep your web business alive during the covid-19 pandemic

Today’s world is fighting against covid-19 virus. It is very difficult for web based businessmen to run their firm successfully. But this is an opportunity for those who want to improve their web presence during these days. Here are some tips to keep your web business alive during the covid-19 pandemic. #1 Upgrade from face-to-face gatherings to online meetings Face-to-face meetings and presentations are an important part of every business. But now a days travelling and meet in personal are…

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