Search Engine Optimization is one of the crucial part of a website’s popularity. SEO determines the position and ranking of a website in a search engine listing. For proper optimization of a website, we need to know the problems in that website and resolve them to meet the specific requirements for effective ranking of that website.

Here are some free seo site checkup tools that helps you to find problems in your website and tells the remedies for that problems.

#1 SEO Site Checkup

This one of the best seo site checkup website. You can see the site score of your website and common seo issues. Download the checkup results as PDF or send it to your e-mail.

#2 seobility

Another free site checkup tool is seobility. It gives you the percentage score of meta description, page quality, page structure, etc. and provides a task list of improvements.  

#3 Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools provides you a wide variety of services like text content tools, image tools, keyword tools, website management tools, etc. You can check each factor in seo like keyword, image etc. independently by using this website. So compared with other sites, this will help you to modify every single part of SEO analysis separately.