Technology is changing day by day. So acquire knowledge or technology is an important part of every programmer or techie. The world is changing according to the technology. So we can say that technology drives our world.

Here are 5 important life changing technologies that you must learn in 2020.

#1 Angular or React or vue js

Programming languages for web applications are changed year by year. Now a days the leading technologies are angular, react, etc. They are easy to learn and implement. These frameworks helps to develop applications for multiple platforms with minimal resources.

#2 Internet of Things (IoT)

Creating a network of household devices for home automation is another growing industry. The connecting devices include smart phones, air conditioners, washing machines, etc. These are the major components of Internet of things. This will helps to improve the ease of working with home appliances with optimized data.

#3 Artificial intelligence

Providing intelligence artificially to devices is a part of human life. It extends to home to vehicles to organizations etc.  AI technologies eases the human life by empowering devices to make decisions by own based on the algorithms that are stored in that devices memory. This technology is also a part of mobile phones, air conditioners, household devices etc.

#4 Block Chain Technology

The technology that drives bitcoin is block chain. Block chain technology provides a secure, safer, and fastest way of storing information. Each information is stored as blocks and these blocks are connected in a chained fashion so the name block chain. Information once entered in block chain are non-erasable so once a block is created it will exist in the chain for a life long period.

#5 Big Data or Data Mining

Big data analysis is a fastest growing industry that helps consumer product based companies to improve their business based on customer’s requirements. It helps them to understand their customer needs, improve product quality and introduce new products. Because of this companies need mining experts to mine data from a large set of data.